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It has been always best idea to study tourism in one of the most touristic destinations. For example, Spain. Our school - IHMGS (Universal Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School) is another school, for the most part in view of the subjects of Gastronomy, Hospitality and Management and it astutely connects these ranges into one examination. These days, those have turned into a noteworthy field of effectively beginning your profession way, and it is a major open door for some individuals to understand their maximum capacity in Gastronomy Business.


Our school practices on Gastronomy and Hospitality Management on a high expert level. We offer our understudies a considerable measure of chances to increase exceptional experience and demonstrate its value in a particular field. Universal Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School is situated in the city of Cullera which is a region of Valencia. The area gives understudies interesting opportunity to travel a considerable measure since it's nearby and all around associated with the fundamental goals of Spain – Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville and Ibiza. Voyaging is one of the best things in life and when you work in global condition, it is imperative to have this sort of experience. For the most part, considering process doesn't generally give save time to find the universes - yet life in Cullera does. Our understudies have a chance to invest end of the week in each of the previously mentioned places they need, having an extraordinary time with less cash.

Temporary Positions Opportunity

In our school we ensure our understudies a temporary position in contemplate related fields: bar, eatery, kitchen or gathering. We have collaboration with 300 best inns in Spain, so we guarantee our understudies have a solid premise of the subject they study and they can apply it practically speaking. Entry level position as working background opens the way to additionally discover an occupation after graduation; it likewise gives understudies trust in workplace, with the goal that they recognize what they really do, it makes them as of now experts before the graduation.

High Level of Education

Worldwide Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School furnishes understudies with programs which are instructed by experts with a tremendous affair behind their backs. The majority of our educators have an incredible universal foundation. Our school collaborates with UPV-Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia. The last authentication and confirmation are issued and affirmed by both I.H.M.G.S - International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School and the high-positioning UPV-Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia in the fields of sustenance innovation and Spanish Gastronomic Language.



Two Languages Programs

Our School gives the majority of its projects on two dialects - English and Spanish (if the prerequisite of B2 dialect level is met), so the understudy can pick on which dialect he or she will think about. The gatherings will be masterminded relying upon the dialect of study.

Getting Practical Knowledge

At International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School we highlight the ibecome applicable when you begin working in your picked field.mportance of having the capacity to apply the obtained learning into the down to earth part. Pragmatic preparing encourages you to get particular methods that will be fundamental in the workplace.



Profession Prospects Worldwide

Subsequent to moving on from International Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School, understudies have favorable position of landing a position worldwide by having important foundation. Other than solid premise of adapting part and obtained aptitudes, they get a working background which is required in the vast majority of the organizations and associations.

Universal Environment

Universal Hospitality Management and Gastronomy School invites understudies from everywhere throughout the world, urging them to draw in with other world societies. It encourages them to additionally be all around arranged to work with various nationalities and practices, to get great relational abilities and having the capacity to show assortment of nations in their part of work. It's an affair which is interesting in light of the fact that it's totally not quite the same as simply perusing a book – you turn into an expert by knowing the things from your own particular point of view and foundation.

Spanish Language

Spanish dialect is the third essential and well known dialects talked (roughly more than 427 million are local speakers). Practically in each field of business it's valuable to know Spanish. In Cullera School we will show the greater part of our understudies to communicate in Spanish dialect on an abnormal state. Having the capacity to talk more than one dialect is imperative for anybody with desire; it enables you to complete any worldwide business. In our school we give Spanish dialect lessons to the greater part of our understudies, with the goal that they can begin talking it openly.


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