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Experience a traditional Polish cooking class in Warsaw offering you one of the most delicious tourist attractions in Poland. 


Under the wings of a professional polish chef you will learn about the culture and history of traditional polish cooking. Prepare, make and taste Polish signature dishes such as Pierogi, Kluski, Zrazy, Golabki, Placki with Goulash and Schabowy. Our classes are held in English, Polish, Italian, Spanish. 

During the classes you will get:

  1. Polish appetizers buffet (finest traditional meats, cheeses and breads - locally made and organic)
  2. A short lesson of the Polish cuisine's history
  3. Cooking dishes
  4. Common dinner (cooked dishes, served along with additives and soft drinks)
  5. Desert
  6. Certificates
  7. Recipes
  8. A small gift for each participant
  9. Culinary facts, tips and tricks, great atmosphere and unforgettable fun
  10. Soft drinks (juices and water) are served throughout the entire event
  11. Regional vodka tasting (optional)

Classes will take place in either a Polish restaurant in the city center or in the chef's apartment, depending on the number of guests joining for the class.


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