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The biggest food fight in the world, one big bolognese, better known as La Tomatina! Each year thousands of people gather in the town of Buñol to bombard each other with tons of tomatoes. We've set up camp not too for from town but just a little closer to the Mediterranean, makes for easy washing after the fight! We'll provide you with daily breakfast at our campsite and dinner every second night.



Besides this you can add unlimited beer and sangria to your booking for just 10€ a day so you can party all day and all night. Also entertainment wise you won't be bored here. We've got live bands, DJ's, and entertainment waiting for you. Haven't had enough yet? Prior to the tomato fight you can enter the water and wine fight not far from camp to get your aim on and practice your dodging skills already. After the tomato fight there is the legendary after party that is waiting for you. This is held on a small hill in a giant vila with a pool. No better location for an after party than this one!

Living in Barcelona, San Sebastian or Madrid and looking for transport to the festival? Perfect, we got you covered with several trips and day trips! You can even add a trip to our Ibiza Beach Camp to your booking for after La Tomatina. After all that warfare a bit of relaxation doesn't hurt anyone, or as far as relaxation goes on Ibiza of course!

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