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If you study Tourism, Management, or maybe you enjoy making delicacies or you study Gastronomy, we have a lot of opportunities for you! Don’t wait anymore; come to Spain to get a chance of your life!

Visit the Homepage  of Animafest Experience today and sign in for your Internship in Spain.



Let this be a stepping stone not only for your life, but for your career as well! Having an internship in our hotels will not only bring new experiences, it can open a new door for your professional development.

Professional experience, with our hotels, is the key reason and the next step you can take to improve yourself. 

Your hard work in Spain will start paying off immediately, not only with advice from a great manager, but with the friends you are going to make as soon as you arrive!

Our welcoming environment and friendly staff will help you to begin the journey of a lifetime!

With an internship in reception, you will experience professional human interaction first hand. It doesn’t only mean accommodating the guests; it also includes the teamwork necessary for front staff. You will also hold some responsibility for a safe and clean working environment.

With a gastronomy internship, you will be able to participate in the preparation of Spanish cuisine, thus expanding your culinary skills beyond your imagination. With that opportunity waiting for you right around the corner, you will also be able to witness the responsibilities of a head chef, in working conditions first hand.

If you chose to have your internship in a bar or a restaurant from one of our hotels, you will witness, first hand, how that part of the hotel functions. Since the most visited part of a hotel is, in fact, the restaurant or the bar, it plays a big role in the hotels’ operation.

Witness the beauty that Spain offers, either by walking down on the Spanish coastline, or you visit Tarragona’s magnificent roman ruins, a positive change in you will occur as soon as you arrive to Spain. 

Spending a “day at the office” aside, during your free time, you can travel around Spain and visit many of its’ famed location such as Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona, Ibiza, The Canary Islands and much more!


Platform to get experience abroad (Tourism and Hospitality Students)

Visit the Homepage  of Animafest Experience today and sign in for your Internship in Spain.


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